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This program offers a unique chance to enjoy a first-time experience in WRC History watching the Special Rally stage on board while sailing around the beautiful Aegean Bays

For Datça Stage on 14 September 2019;Special Stage viewing on Private Boat held for Rally Spectators shall be provided. There will be swimming opportunity for those who would like to enjoy the crystal clear sea

Free Amenities

  • Complimentary cocktail and soft drinks service are available on board
  • Table
  • Toilet

Boat timing for Morning Stage from Datça Harbor - Departure: 08.30– Arrival: 12.30
Boat timing for Evening Stage from Datça Harbor - Departure: 13.30 – Arrival: 17.30

Datça Harbor Desk Point Coordinates N36 43.378E27 41

* There are toll parking lots near the harbor
** For those who will not use their own transportation facilities there will be a pre set shuttle service between Marmaris – Datçawith the cost of EURO 15.- per person. Guests who purchase shuttle service to Datça Stage, should pick up their transfer cards together with their rally pass in order to reserve their spot.

Guests who shall be using the transfers are required to be ready in front of Blue Bay Platinum Hotel at the below given times;

Transfer Departure time for theSS9 morning stage will be at06:30, Transfer Departure time fort theSS12afternoon stage will be at11:30

*Transfer Departure Coordinates N36 50.548 E28 15.070

Please see below the Datca Stage & Boat timings. While purchasing the tickets we also kindly ask you to indicate your time preference for the Datca Stage

Stage # Stage Starting Time Boat Departure Boat Return
SS9 10.08 08.30 12.30
SS12 15.08 13.30 17.30

Can We Assist You?

You can reach us by phone or email to purchase the tickets and for further information.